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  • Selma Prodanovic

    Business Angelina
    CEO/CNO, Brainswork GmbH

    Chairwoman, IncrediblEurope | Founder, Brainswork Institute

    Selma Prodanovic is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, known as the discoverer and connector of business potential or the Business Angelina. She founded Brainswork, one of the most influential business developers in CEE; initiated IncrediblEurope – the first bottom up value-changer in and for Europe based on innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and future studies; and established the „Brainswork – Make a difference“ Award. Selma has pioneered various concepts such as Chief Networking Officer, the business development strategy brainsworking, and most recently the Business-Angelina investment approach. Selma has twenty years of professional experience in new business development, creative industries, international marketing and connecting in Europe and beyond

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    Bordeaux, France
    Professor of International Law

    Professor of law at Executive Masters in International

    Partner. In charge of general corporate, M&A, international business and trade matters, as well as estate planning, wills and trusts, non-profit organizations and workers’ compensation. With the other partner, Khalid Kahloon, a former District Attorney and state and federal prosecutor, and a related group of talented legal professionals, the firm covers a wide range of legal services.

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  • Dr. Yousuf Al-Wattar

    General Manager / Chief Consultant
    Ambition Consulting & Training

    Chairwoman, IncrediblEurope | Founder, Brainswork Institute

    Dr. Al-Wattar holds PhD degree in Management from the American University of London. Also he completed his MBA in Strategic Management Maastricht School of Management. Also Certified Lead Auditor for the international Quality Management System ISO 9001 QMS & ISO 14001 EMS

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  • Mohmmed Sherif

    Ethics and Values in Marketing
    Head of International Opration

    Developing and implementing Marketing strategies

    He has extensive experience in various areas. The major areas of expertise in the areas of marketing and HR. Prof. Sherif is a widely travelled and well connected personality. He could work and associate with the professionals as well as professors from different destinations in the world. He co-authored 'HR Strategy in the recessionary economy.

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  • Prof.Zlatko Sonar

    H R Expert

    He is a Professor from central Europe and has more than two decades of experience in imparting education and consultation. Being an expert in HR, Prof. Prof.Zlatko's contributions are excellent and so he is closely associated with various business schools.

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